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Ball mill operation


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This Ball mill is made up of feeding part ,discharging part, gyre part, transmission part(decelerator, small transmission gear, generator, electrical control )and so on .The hollow axis adopts the cast steel and the rotary big gear is processed from cast rolling gear .The barrel body wears well and bears wearable scale board.

And compared with the traditional ball mill, the motor power of the energy-saving ball mill can reduce the power by 18-25%, lubrication of 70% and comprehensive energy-saving of over 20%.And during the normal function, we need not to change the main axis, which can save a lot of maintenance cost and time .And the main bear adopt oil grease, which is convenient to avoid the heavy metal pollution.

Ball Mill operation

The materials will be crushed and mixture by the impact effect of falling grinding body (steel ball and pebble) and grinding effects of the inner surface of the ball mill. And at the same time, the eccentric force produced by the rotating of the barrel will bring the steel ball to a certain height and the grinding body will be brought up first and then down second according to the rotating direction, which will have the heavy bash and grinding effect. And then the materials will receive the continuous crushing.

This ball mill has a better grinding condition and will precede the crushing process in the closed machine with no dust pollution.

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