Ballistic Separator - From poor relation to serious opponent

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Up until recently the ballistic separator was generally seen as an unreliable machine with horrendous maintenance costs. The ballistic separator is still suffering from this prejudice, although the technology has changed.

There has been a large step forward in development due to the increasing demand for ballistic separators for sorting lightweight packaging and co-mingled materials.

With the third generation of BALL-SORT HT, the current ballistic separator is more reliable than ever and has the lowest maintenance costs on the market.

In the third generation of patented eccentric crankshafts, specially developed bearings are used with six times higher load bearing capacity and correspondingly longer service lives.

The newly developed bearing geometry allows the bearing to take on both axial and radial loads sustainably without being damaged, as is the case for standard grooved ball bearings.

The sealing of a bearing is the most important point apart from the bearing itself. It has been consistently further developed and protected by additional labyrinth covers.

As before, all the components in the machine can be exchanged without disassembling the crank shaft, which is necessary with other manufacturers.

For the area of crank shaft technology Hartner focuses on the ability to relubricate all bearings. In many cases the lack of maintenance through lifetime lubricated bearings is brought on the market. According to experience and a series of measurements, lifetimes of just 5,000 – 6,000 operating hours are possible with lifetime lubricated bearings in the given harsh environmental conditions.

By relubricating the eccentric ball bearings by hand, using Simalube cartridges or central lubrication on the other hand, lifetimes of 15,000 – 20,000 operating hours are possible up until the wearing limit is reached.

The BALL-SORT HT ballistic separator is a machine with great advantages and investment security. It has proved this in over 180 installations worldwide.

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