BAM Business Activity Monitors


Courtesy of Wastedge.com

As we get access to more volume and variety of business intelligence data, managers are getting new business control panels purpose-built to display signals, alerts and performance indicators that can give them a picture of how their business engine is performing at a glance.

New young managers are learning to grapple with the knobs and levers available to them for controlling a business and are looking for new dashboard style displays of performance and business activity monitors (BAM).

This article discusses areas in waste businesses where such activity-monitor dashboards could be useful and looks at several simple styles and combinations of dials and displays available today. In some cases these ‘overlays’ can bring together data feeds from a variety of sources such as different system software modules, old ‘legacy’ data processing applications or even geographic data. Also those proliferating silos of information in Excel spreadsheets (that your core business support system may not know about) could be integrated into the big picture.

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