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Bardstown, Kentucky - industrial cleaning; on-site laboratory case study


Courtesy of Cedar Creek Engineering, Inc.

After years of operation serving the auto parts industry, this zinc and chrome plating plant in Bardstown, Kentucky closed several years ago.

It was comprised of three three main plating lines, and it was a mess.

Extensive contamination, particularly chrome and acid residue, was present in the plant.

In some places sludge on the floor was several inches thick.

One of the major challenges we faced was obtaining approval for our cleanup plan from regulatory authorities. Faced with complex and unusual circumstances, regulators were reluctant to give the green light. After lengthy and sometimes intense negotiations, Cedar Creek won approval to proceed with essentially no change to our original plan.

Cedar Creek completed an inventory of equipment and an assessment of contamination in various sections of the plant. We also prepared documentation for hazardous waste disposal.

To save time and money, we set up an on-site lab.

Our job was to clean each piece of equipment, sample the rinseate, and certify the equipment clean.

After cleaning and sampling, each piece of equipment was tagged for shipment placed in an outdoor area staging area and then loaded onto trucks for transport to Cleveland or Detroit.

Start to finish, the job took about three months. Today, the owner enjoys new space, and peace of mind knowing the site is free from contamination.

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