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Barriers to the implementation of urban sustainability

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Much of the debate over urban sustainability has revolved around the key components of sustainable development, and this has resulted in the identification of key concepts and principles that should be followed. Very little attention has been given to the difficulties encountered in the implementation of urban sustainability. This paper sets out the background to urban sustainability within clearly parameters, namely land, energy and transport. Development principles are established, and the implementation issues are addressed at four levels: decisions relating to the use of existing resources; decisions relating to new development; decisions relating to transport; and decisions relating to increasing energy efficiency within urban areas. At each level, the objectives of sustainability, together with the key concerns and actions, are described. The barriers to implementation explain why progress towards urban sustainability has been slow. Recommendations are presented as to how these barriers can be overcome so that the objectives of urban sustainability can be matched with other objectives, such as improvement of the quality of life in urban areas.

Keywords: barriers, energy, implementation, land-use, transport

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