Basic Rules for the Correct Use of Pellet Mill Die


Ring Die,Pellet Die,Pellet Mill Die Manufacturer Liyang Zhengchang Pellet Mould Technology Co., Ltd. is a machine dies June 10, 2002, Jiang Zhengchang Group Limited Ingersoll-Rand Company Limited successfully acquired the U.S. investment in China after the entire equity interest in CPM, and the original feed machinery Liyang Dunwell Parts Co., Ltd. to form a professional ring mold, such as mold development roller and the development of service-oriented
enterprises - Liyang Technology Co., Ltd. Dunwell particle machine dies,the same year in October, business successful restructuring, new leadership took office, from embark on a brilliant light and the hole cast fire road. The total assets increased by 5 times, processing capacity and processing quality of living in Asia forefront of the industry, sales increased by 1.636 times the production capacity increased by 2.5 times, rapid development of international markets.

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