Bay project, Escanaba, MI


Courtesy of CETCO

PROJECT: Bay Project - Union Pacific Railroad
LOCATION: Escanaba, MI
PRODUCTS: Bulk Organoclay®, Reactive Core Mat®


Near Escanaba, MI, engineers found a bay that was showing evidence of soluble organics (NAPL) on its surface which was threatening the nearby fresh water bay. A reoccurring sheen was developing on the surface in which local contaminated groundwater was pinpointed as the cause.


A permeable reactive barrier containing Organoclay® media encapsulated in CETCO Reactive Core Mat® was erected on the edge of the beach. The sheen dissipated from the fresh water bay as soon as the RCM and PRB was installed and brought online. Engineers evaluated the option of extending the PRB and area of deployment for RCM. In this situation, the ability of the RCM to contain different media gave the engineers the flexibility to create an easy to install permeable reactive barrier in a minimal amount of time.

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