BBA Pump for the RSPB Oldmoor, Wombwell near Barnsley case study


Courtesy of BBA Pumps

Situated right at the heart of the Dearne Valley, Old Moor is a wonderful place to come and watch wildlife. The skies, fields and open water are teeming with birds throughout the year.  In the summer the grasslands are ablaze with butterflies and orchids, and you’ll be able to see newly-hatched ducklings. In winter the reserve is an important stopping-off point for ducks, geese and swans and golden plovers!

In addition to being a bird sanctuary, the Old Moor reserve also acts as a flood plain for the river Dearn when water levels are high. After the Old Moor reserve actually has flooded, it takes a long time for all water to drain from the reserve back into the river which is not good for the birds inhabiting the reserve.

To speed up the draining process, the RSPB has decided to invest into a tractor driven B300 self-priming pump. This high flow pump has been designed for flood protection and offers a maximum flow of 1200 m3/h (5280 US GPM). The pump is fitted with a PTO drive and can be hooked up to any standard tractor which was already owned and operated by the RSPB.

Together with Aquatic Control Engineering Ltd.from Rampton Notts, BBA Pumps supplied the pump, together with all the required pipes and connections to the Old Moor reserve recently, preparing the RSPB for the next wet season!

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