BBA Pumps North America Inc.

BBA Pumps high volume flood relief pumps for the UK Environment Agency


Courtesy of BBA Pumps North America Inc.

In the winter of 2013, the coastal plains of Somerset were hit by severe flooding. This natural disaster gave rise to a revision of the flood relief program and the UK Environment Agency has been taking measures to try and prevent any such repeats. 

As part of the new flood relief program the agency tendered for new framework suppliers. The proposal made by BBA Pumps was successful, resulting in BBA supplying the Environment Agency with three high volume flood relief pumps. 

A training session followed the supply of the units, this enabled the operators and the Environment Agencies engineers to become familiar with them. One of the pumps was installed at the North Drain Pumping Station between the towns of Burtle and Westham, this is close to where the legendary Glastonbury festival is held every year.

After a quick inspection of the units, the pre-start routine was explained to the operators and Environment Agency staff. The units were then started for a test run. As can be seen from the images and short video shared by the Environment Agency on social media, the pump tests were successfully completed and their value was made clear to all present.