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NovaTec Consultants Inc.

BCTMP Mill effluent treatment plant


Courtesy of NovaTec Consultants Inc.

Location: Slave Lake, Alberta

Owner: Slave Lake Pulp Corporation

Description: A greenfield 130,000 ADMT BCTMP mill using Aspen as wood furnish. The high strength effluent, with a BOD5 strength of up to 6,000 mg/L (35 t/d) and flow of 6,300 m3/d, is treated by a five day extended aeration activated sludge process. This represented the first application of this treatment technology on Aspen BCTMP effluent. The treatment process includes flow equalization, cooling, fine screening, dissolved air flotation, nutrient addition, four activated sludge basins with flexible flow configurations, three 1,500 HP single stage centrifugal blowers, rotary screen sludge thickeners, sludge screw press and DCS control.

Role: Specialist subconsultant, pre-design, process design, equipment specification/selection, operator training, start-up assistance.

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