BeachTech and the biggest party in Barcelona


Courtesy of Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG

Every year BeachTech beach cleaning machines remove the waste from the beach of Barcelona, after 70,000 people celebrated the „San Juan's Day“ one of the biggest festivals of the city.

For the annual Midsummer Night party in Barcelona on 'San Juan's Day', the beaches of the metropolis become huge party areas for one night. Every year, BeachTech beach cleaning machines make a clean sweep afterwards.

In the night of 23 to 24 June, one of the biggest festivals in Barcelona takes place every year: San Juan's Day, also known as the 'Night of Fire'. Especially in Barcelona, Midsummer Night, the shortest night of the year - is celebrated throughout the city with bonfires everywhere, gigantic fireworks, firecrackers, dancing on the public places and above all, a big party on the beach! The whole city is about and the young and the old celebrate together and dance until the morning hours.

On 9 city beaches, old furniture is burned in huge bonfires as a symbolic burning of the winter. And approximately 70,000 people leave an impressive accumulation of trash on the beaches.

At 6 o'clock in the morning, 260 employees of URBASER, the service cleaning company ordered by the city of Barcelona, get started to remove the monstrous remains of the festival. The whole city is covered in waste and on the beaches garbage is piling up. An area of 417,000 square meters must be cleaned of approximately 20 tons of trash. With a fleet of 8 BeachTech machines, the employees of URBASER master this challenge in less than 4 hours.

Some of the BeachTech machines that are used here have driven axles which were especially designed for URBASER for easier cleaning of the very soft and slanting beach parts.

By 9:30 a. m. all these beaches are clean again and feature a finely structured surface. A beautiful new day on the beach starts for the tourists.

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