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Beef Processor Saves $80k Per Month

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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Success Stories

Beef Processing Wastewater Treatment

$80K per month savings

Wastewater Treatment for Beef Processing Industry

This facility slaughters 1,200 head of cattle/day and generates a wastewater flow of 80,000 gallons per day. The POTW that receives the wastewater was having difficulty handling the strength of the wastewater (BOD at 3,000 ppm and TSS at 1,800 ppm) and was charging the facility an average of $162,000 every 2 months ($7.75 per 1,000 gallons).

Industrial Wastewater Treatment for Beef Food Processing

With help from Integrated Engineers, the facility staff renovated the existing DAF unit and installed a 1.5-meter belt press to dewater the solids. The DAF loading was very high (exceeding the manufacturer's recommendation by 200%) at 1.5 gpm/sq-ft.

Beef Food Processing

Based on preliminary jar testing, the system would require a dosage of Floccin™ KP+ at 216 ppm. Previous lab analysis showed this reduction to have a BOD of 400 ppm and a TSS of 250 ppm. This decreases the surcharges paid to the POTW down to $32,000/month. Including the cost of the Floccin™ KP+, the overall savings is $80,000/month. Treatment costs (chemical and surcharges) are $3.25/1,000 gallons)

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