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‘Beer’ we go again!


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Analox will be attending this year’s IBDEA (International Beverage Dispensing Equipment Association) symposium which gathers global businesses to discuss the challenges and key themes currently impacting the industry.
IBDEA 2018

Analox has been an associate of IBDEA since 2010. The trade organisation represents more than 200 member companies that sell, lease, rent, manufacture and service beverage dispensing equipment, as well as supply carbon dioxide (CO2), control devices, filtration equipment, flavours and extracts, cleaning equipment and dispensing seals.

This year’s conference will take place in Las Vegas, NV between 21st-25th March and expects an even larger attendance than the previous year. Businesses across all applications of the beverage dispensing industry will gather to attend seminars and open forum discussions on common challenges and issues they’re facing.

Previous years have covered the hot topic of CO2 detection requirements in hospitality establishments such as bars, restaurants, stadiums and malls, and the challenges of knowing what’s applicable to specific regions or states. In the US, the IFC (International Fire Code), NFPA(National Fire Protection Association) and NBIC (National Board Inspection Code) all set guidelines about gas detection for CO2, furthermore each individual state is subject to specific jurisdictional requirements, making it very difficult for proprietors to know what they need.

In a presentation delivered by one of the keynote speakers in 2017 it was noted that ‘Consensus estimates: there exists 3,033 counties or county equivalents, 35,000 towns and cities and 19,429 municipal governments in the United States. While there are often similarities in terms of followed guidelines established in IFC, NFPA and/or NBIC standards, each county/city/municipality has jurisdictional power and oversight to set their own specific and unique guidelines.*

Fortunately, that’s where Analox can help. Analox’s Ax60+ has fully customizable alarm set points which means it can meet the standards set by any state or region. The Analox team will be providing demonstrations of the Ax60+ unit highlighting the adaptability of the monitor including ease of use and installation at their booth during exhibition hours.

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