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Behaviour of concrete columns reinforced internally with non–corrosive reinforcements

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This study primarily explores the experimental study on the behaviour of full scale size concrete columns reinforced internally with non–corrosive reinforcements, i.e., glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP) reinforcements combined bending and axial loads. The experimental investigation consists of Series A and B. Each series has 24–column specimens with different parameters like shape of columns, reinforcement ratios, types of GFRP reinforcements, slenderness of the columns and grades of concrete. Based on this study, the strength expressions are derived using the equilibrium, strain compatibility, and stress–strain relationship for the constituent materials. For a known eccentricity, the expressions for axial thrust–moment interaction relations are developed for slender columns and the effect of secondary moments incorporated in the analytical study. Also finite element modelling and analysis of GFRP reinforced concrete columns are performed to simulate the behaviour of the columns under various parametric conditions.

Keywords: non–corrosive reinforcements, concrete columns, interaction curves, eccentric loadings, GFRP reinforced concrete, glass fibre reinforced polymer, bending loads, axial loads, stress, strain, finite element method, FEM, modelling, simulation

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