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Behaviour of masonry buildings subjected to landslide–induced settlements

Simple models are nowadays essential because they provide easy and accessible understanding of the fundamental aspects of the structural response. They should be used in order to get a result that, although not yet defined in detail, has the key role of making one aware, from the initial phase of the study, of the overall facet that the final result, derived from numerical analyses, should have. The adoption of simple models is fundamental to be able to check the likelihood of the overall results coming from the application of more sophisticated approaches. Following what above mentioned, this article aims at showing the effectiveness of a simple method (i.e., the load path method) in the interpretation of the behaviour of masonry buildings subjected to foundation settlements due to landslide.

Keywords: masonry structures, foundation settlement, landslides, strut–and–tie model, STM, load path method, LPM, structural engineering, simple models, masonry buildings, modelling

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