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Beijing, managing water for the eco city of the future


Some examples of problems in the water and sanitation sector in China will be given. Subsequently, the hierarchy of Chinese Government will be explained, before describing the stakeholders in water governance at the national and municipal level. A separate section is devoted to changes in the water governance structure that have been implemented already in Beijing. Water governance has been reformed to achieve more integration and promote experiments to deal with water scarcity. We have studied some of these water and sanitation projects. In particular, the separation of grey and brown water and reusing the treated grey water and the promotion of rainwater harvesting will be discussed. The conclusion will be drawn that Beijing has moved towards integrated urban water management, but is not yet allowing adaptive and eco water management.

Keywords: integrated water management, integrated urban water management, IUWM, stakeholders, eco cities, China, sanitation, Beijing, water governance, water scarcity, water reuse, water treatment, grey water, rainwater harvesting

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