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BEIYI BYCS Series Excavator Hydraulic Shear

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BEIYI BYCS Series Excavator Hydraulic Shear
The Engineering BEIYI Machinery BYCS Series Excavator Chick Shear, Undertake The Task Of The Demolition Of Reinforced Recycled, BYCS Series Excavator Chick Cut Site Construction Is Stable, Convenient Operation And Advanced Hydraulic System, The Regeneration Of The Professional Valve Standard Hydraulic System To Save 50% Of The Time, Low Fuel Consumption Cost Savings, Low Failure Rate And High Work Efficiency.Construction Site Of Excavator Hydraulic Shear The Project Shall Be Conducted By The Demolition Team Construction Is In An Orderly Way, Is To Improve Government Order Cities To Develop In The Direction Of Modernization, Constantly Meet People's Material And Cultural Needs And Improve Living Conditions.
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 Previously, The Mechanical Excavator Of The BEIYI Mechanical Excavator Was Cut In The Domestic Provinces And Cities To Participate In The Demolition Housing Project. BYCS Series Excavator Chick Cut Due To The Flexible Operation, Novel Design, Can Cut Materials Of Iron, Steel, Tank, Pipe, Etc., Chick Pliers Unique Design And Innovative Ways To Ensure The Efficient Operation And Strong Cutting Force, A Common Chick Shear Performance Advantages Of More Than 15%, By The User's Consistent High Praise!
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