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BeiYi Machinery in “green demolition”in Xiong'an New District

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On May 8, 2018, Xiong'an New District held a green environmental protection demolition launch ceremony, and Rongcheng County Ronghe boutique hotel was demolished within 10 hours. There are dozens of engineering machinery in the demolition operation, BeiYi Machinery.was among them.

According to the construction planning of the Xiong'an New District. Rongcheng County Committee decided to implement the overall demolition of the building. The dismantling operation adopted the advanced international green environmental protection dismantling technology and processed the dismantled and used concrete on site into new building materials for direct use to ensure that the demolition works are safe, green, environmentally friendly, efficient, and recyclable. The dismantling construction party was familiar with the construction drawings and inspected the construction site in advance, and mastered the structure of the building, the condition of the hydropower equipment pipeline, and the surrounding roads and buildings.

At 7 o'clock on the morning of May 8, the equipment required for demolition work was scientifically set at the desired location. The green demolition project completely abandons the previously used engineering blasting, demolition of gunheads, and removal of excavators. Instead, high-tech means such as hydraulic shears, diamond saws, hydraulic cutters, breaking robots, and mobile crushers are used to realize noiseless, dust-free green dismantling.

Before the demolition, the construction party sprays water on the building body with a sprinkler to reduce dust. When the hydraulic shearing operation is performed, simultaneous use of a fog canister can simultaneously suppress dust and reduce air pollution. Beibei hydraulic pulverizer separates the large concrete room beam from the steel bar. The mobile sorter is converting construction waste into building materials. After the dismantled and dismantled concrete is poured into the “Transformers” site and broken, the magnetic separator in the equipment can automatically separate used steel bars and scrap iron. The separated waste materials are sorted out of the road slag, medium crushed, small crushed and separated by the sieving machine. There are four types of powder materials, in which road slag is used for laying cushions on roads, middle crushed and small crushed are used for secondary use of recycled concrete, and powder is used for making bricks. 'The implementation of this technology will surely play a very important role in the demonstration of the green demolition of the new district.'

At 8:30 pm on May 8, after ten hours of construction work, the above-ground concrete frame structure on the northeast side of Ronghe Tower in Rongcheng County, Hebei Province was basically dismantled. It takes about 10 days to dismantle a building of this size. The successful implementation of this demolition will surely set up the Xiong'an model for the demolition of green environmental protection.

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