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BeiYi makes contribution to Beijing Winter Olympic Game.

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 (May 9th), a 6 meters high, 3 meters wide countdown erected in the national speed skating hall on the south side of foundation pit construction is tense. Countdown display: from December 31, 2019 there for 600 days, and the 'great craftsmen, winter pioneer, day and night, decisive success' four slogan.

Major projects in Beijing office responsible person, in accordance with Beijing's commitment to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic competition venues have held International Olympic Committee to achieve the test match requirements in 2020, to achieve the basic completion.

The person in charge of the major project office of Beijing said,accordance to Beijing's Promise,venues will be finished in 2020 to meet the requirements of International Olympic Committee's test competitions. BEIYI Vibratory Pile Driver, Hydraulic Pile Breaker, Hydraulic Pile extractor,Hydraulic Earth Drill are used during the construction.

Hydraulic Earth Drill is used to drill holes in steel sheet pile. Vibratory Pile Driver is used to driver steel sheet pile. Hydraulic Pile Breaker is used to break cast-in-place pile and Pile extractor is used to pull out H-beam steel.

It is understood that the Beijing Olympic Stadium and Olympic division of Yanqing under construction projects have gradually set up the Olympic countdown. According to the plan, by the end of this year, the national speed skating hall concrete main structure completed in Beijing, completed the construction of steel structure, the main structure of the cap; comprehensive training of winter sports center.

In Yanqing the underground pipe gallery will be basically completed in April 2019, September completed the laying of pipelines in the pipe gallery, which stretches 7.5 km underground 'artery' will bring water, electricity, communications and other line to Yanqing division, to provide protection for Yanqing's alpine skiing, snowmobile sled track.

At the Capital Gymnasium on the north side of the comprehensive training of winter sports management center at the construction site, underground construction has entered the final sprint, next month, the new stadium will 'break through', entered the construction phase of the ground.

At present, in addition to the new Shougang ski platform construction project, Beijing division and Yanqing division of the new competition venues have all started construction. Beijing Division has started construction of 3. Among them, the national speed skating hall is a landmark of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, and the National Stadium 'bird's nest', the National Swimming Center 'Water Cube' is composed of 'double Beijing Olympic City landmark.

After the game, the national speed skating hall can host skating, ice hockey and curling and other international events, but also to ensure more than 2000 people also on ice and ice mass activities, become a multi-functional ice set of sporting events, fitness, culture and leisure, exhibitions and social welfare in one of the sports center.

Yanqing Division: 11 facilities have been built

Yanqing division, alpine skiing sledge project has also started construction. In addition, including Yanqing division pipe gallery, Beijing Zhang Gaotie, Xing Yan, Yan Chong high-speed high-speed 11 Olympic infrastructure construction has started, is pushing.

It is understood that this year there will be large hill, Yanqing Shougang ski village, Olympic National Swimming Center renovation venues started construction of 26 Olympic construction projects. Beijing Olympic Village after the game as a talent in Beijing public rental housing security, direct service in Beijing.

Yanqing Olympic Village after will become a tourist resort and Sporting Hotel in winter, for the public service. The new Shougang ski jumping will rely on the old industrial base of Shougang four cooling towers built project site it is also the only snow in Beijing, which will become the world's first permanent ski jumping facilities.

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