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BeiYi Products win great attention at 2018 Bauma China

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From November 27th-30th 2018, The 9th China International Construction Machinery, Building Materials Machinery, Mining Machinery, Engineering Vehicles and Equipment Expo (bauma CHINA) was held at Shanghai New International Expo Center with the theme of “Creating a Vision, Horizons and Grand View”.

As a pioneer of small construction machinery, BeiYi presented and receive great attentions.At W5.558 booth, we showed to hundreds of viewers that how to keep pace with the fast-changing world through development of devices, services and networks. 

With the background of return of high-speed growth in construction machinery industry, this year’s Bauma exhibition is extremely popularity. Bauma CHINA as the world-renowned construction machinery exhibition Germany Bauma extension in China, has become the stage of global engineering machinery enterprise competition. On this stage, there are many high-quality enterprises, displaying tens of thousands of innovative products and technologies, and witnessing the inheritance of engineering machinery wisdom.

On the occasion of new era of digital economy, this exhibition show BeiYi’s strategy through different perspectives such as product intelligence, manufacturing intelligence, service intelligence and management intelligence.

BeiYi Machinery has always regarded social responsibility as a support point for enterprise development. Adhere to the promotion of energy-saving products and environmental protection operations. Such as new products of Double-cylinder hydraulic pulverizers and Double-cylinder hydraulic shears. Use stronger power to support the environmental protection industry.

Create customer value is the core driving force for the development of BeiYi. Higher performance, higher reliability, operator simplicity and low maintenance have always been the goal of BeiYi. The intelligent compaction system developed by BeiYi can help customers improve their work quality while reducing operating costs.

BeiYi has never slowed down on the road to creating value for its customers. We will continue to provide customers with better products and services to help them achieve superior production efficiency.

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