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Belfast city sewer case study


Courtesy of Castings Services Group (CSG)

Client: NIWater
CSG provided a number of valves to go in to the newly refurbished Belfast City Sewer. Originally installed during Victorian times the sewer system has been updated in order to reduce flood risks and improve the general infrastructure. The project comes at a cost of £120M and encompasses over 10km of pipeline. It has won a number of awards for innovation and is the largest development project ever undertaken in Belfast. The following CSG products were installed within the system:-

  • 6 x 1200mm Gate Valves with Rotork Actuators
  • 2 x 700mm Non-Return Valves with Bypass
  • 2 x 700 Gate Valve with Rotork Actuators
  • 2 x 700 Gate Valve with Manual Gearbox
  • 2 x 250mm Gate Valve with Rotork Actuators

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