BENDERN, Liechtenstein: INNODRY 2E®–Sludge treatment and disposal

Back in 1997, Bendern (Liechtenstein) was looking for a safe technology for sludge treatment and disposal. Since the main concern of the municipality was the protection of the environment and operator safety, they were looking for an innovative technology which did not produce dangerous levels of dust. After a long and detailed evaluation of the available technologies, INNODRY 2E was selected.

The plant has a total capacity of 1’300 tons DS/year. Prior to drying, the sludge is digested and dewatered to 28% DS. In order to meet the customer’s requirements, INNOPLANA installed an INNODRY 2E unit with a total evaporative capacity of 650 kg H2O/h which produces dust free granules at 90% DS. Prior to incineration in a cement oven, the granules are stored in 2 silos situated outside the building

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