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Benefits of adding a Weigh System to your Hopper

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Hoppers, also commonly referred to as tanks, silos or vessels and are used in many industries such as agriculture, processing plants & farming to name a few.

There are many benefits of adding a weigh system to your hopper. Whether it’s full, empty or somewhere in-between, you’ll easily know the levels. Weigh systems can have built-in alarms and/or flashing lights to create awareness when the hopper reaches certain capacities.

Hopper Weigh Systems have up to 5 built-in set points, which automatically turn on or off when it gets to a set weight.

Another benefit of adding a Weigh System is to have the ability to accurately weigh out set amounts, also known as subtractive weighing. This is optimal for situations such as remote fertilizer hoppers, convenient for a farmer as he can enter his required quantities and the correct amount will load into his truck.

Weigh systems improve record keeping. A PLC (Program Logic Controller) system controls the whole process. It’s basically a microcomputer with advanced functions which can be programmed to do what you want. With built-in advanced communication protocols such as profinet, ethernet, and profibus you will be able to easily track inventory.

More than that, knowing exactly how full your tank is makes planning when to reorder easier as you know exactly how much is inside your tank.

Last but not least, weight systems are ideal for remote locations, as the system can be completely controlled from a different location. This saves time and money, as a person is no longer required to be at the remote location and check stock levels.

PT Limited offer two world-class Load Cells ideal for tank weighing. The Accupoint is ideal for when a low profile solution is needed. On the other hand, the CSC3 Load Cell with type 2 heavy duty restraint mount kit is ideal for tall hoppers.

Additionally, we offer a wide range of Digital Indicators that are compatible with the Load Cells. From basic digital indicators that display only through to advanced models with built-in features such as profinet, ethernet, profibus etc. Choose from analog & digital output options, together with basic automation via outputs from relay triggers where needed.

Summing boxes are used in conjunction with multiple Load Cells as they keep all the cords tidy. Stainless steel options boasting an IP rating are optimal for tank weigh systems.

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