Benefits of Tire Recycling in Civil Engineering Projects

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Courtesy of ECO Green Equipment

Tire recycling has become a global solution for civil engineering applications...from land, bridges, to roadways, rubber it now being used for a variety of projects.  Learn more about how rubber is becoming a answer for some of the most demanding civil engineering efforts.

Some of the types of shreds and tire recycling that engineers require are:

Tire shreds have properties that engineers need

  • Tire shreds are half the weight of gravel which makes it good for places with poor soil structure, which, in turn, reduces land slides.
  • They promote good drainage; 10 to 100 times greater than gravel.
  • They provide thermal insulation 8 times greater than gravel. This insulation decreases the expansion and retraction cycle which helps avoids cracks in bridges and roadways.
  • They have a good ability to transmit water. Water passes through without clogging and damming.
  • Rubber shreds provide long term durability for projects.
  • And they have a very high compressibility. Shreds will drastically reduce in volume when pressure is applied.

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