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Benefits of UV Transmittance (UVT) field testing for selling & servicing UV Disinfection Systems


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The Real UV254 ‘P’ series portable meters can be used to measure UV transmittance (UVT) in a number of situations, and are especially beneficial when working with small UV disinfection systems. The following cases outline two situations in which Real Tech’s portable meters are invaluable.

Servicing Small UV Disinfection Systems
An existing customer is experiencing a problem with a UV disinfection system. Perhaps, the system is in alarm or maybe the customer has received poor microbiological test results. In either case, this indicates that the water is not receiving a high enough dose of UV light to disinfect the water. This may be due to any of a number of different factors. Perhaps the UV lamps are reaching the end of their life and need to be replaced, or maybe the quartz or sensor is fouled by mineral build-up and requires cleaning, or possibly there is some kind of warranty issue you will need to take up with the manufacturer, or perhaps the UVT is low and is preventing proper UV dose to the water. Note that the UVT may change somewhat throughout the year.

When servicing the customer’s UV disinfection system, the first thing you can check is the UVT of the water with a Real UV254 ‘P’ series meter. This allows you to immediately determine whether the UVT of the water is the source of the problem. If the UVT is low, you have just saved yourself a lot of unnecessary time and effort by not having to dismantle the UV disinfection system. You can now work to come up with a solution, such as the additional installation of a filter of some kind or other water treatment equipment. If the UVT tested high, then you have ruled out UVT as the problem, and spent only a couple of minutes doing it. You may now move on to servicing the system further.

Without a Real UV254 ‘P’ series meter, you can spend several hours dismantling a UV disinfection system without finding the problem. Then a water sample must be sent to a lab, where after several days and a small fee, it might finally be determined that you have a UVT problem. In the meantime, you and your customer are in the dark as to the problem and even worse, your customer has been without properly disinfected water for several days before you even begin to solve the problem. Clearly a Real UV254 ‘P’ series meter can save significant headaches in this situation.

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