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Bergen county golf courses drainage analysis & design for Rockleigh, Darlington, & Overpeck golf courses


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GEA provided Drainage Assessments and Designs for amelioration of flooding and poor drainage conditions for three (3) Golf Courses in Bergen County for the Bergen County Department of Parks. The three courses and their respective rivers or controlling streams included:· Darlington in Mahwah, NJ - Darlington Brook, tributary to Mahwah River; Overpeck in Teaneck, NJ -  Overpeck Creek; Rockleigh in Rockleigh, NJ - Sparkill Brook and Sparkill Creek

The goal of the project, which was successfully achieved by GEA, was to find specific solutions to drainage problems that had been plaguing the three golf courses including the elimination of the delays to spring caused by wet spring conditions.

Services included comprehensive hydraulic modeling and engineering design assessments including:·

  • Field investigations and surveys of hydraulic structures· 
  • Soils investigations and subsurface hydrogeologic analysis· 
  • Coordination with Golf Course Architect for Golf Course redevelopment· 
  • Hydraulic watershed modeling· 
  • Hydraulic analysis of hydraulic structures and development of flood plain· 
  • Use of HEC-1, HEC-2, TR-2, TR-20,TR-55 and culvert modules· 
  • Assessment of Flood Plain Mapping by FEMA· 
  • Wetlands delineation and mapping· 
  • Engineering assessments and presentation of Drainage Improvement Alternatives· 
  • Development of cost estimates for improvements· 
  • Preparation of individual Drainage Reports and Golf Course Drainage Improvement Plans and Details

Recommended improvements included: Addition and expansion of culvert and channel capacity, subsurface drains, pump stations, grading changes, soil improvement plan, embankments, soil erosion & sediment control plan, berms and stormwater piping.

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