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Bernaraby Landfill Power Plant - Case Study


Courtesy of Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy has been contracted to supply and deliver one of GE's Jenbacher 1MWe containerised gas engine to LGI (Landfill Gas Industries Pty. Ltd.) for their new landfill gas power station project at Bernaraby, Queensland, Australia which will be operational in 2016.

Generation Capacity

The high efficiency engine will produce up to 1.067 MWe, at 40.2% efficiency

Principal Equipment

One of GE's JGC 320 GS-L.L containerised Jenbacher gas engine rated at 1,067 kWe, 50Hz, 415V

General Description

GE's Jenbacher container solution will consist of all the ancillary components including ventilation, noise attenuation, dedicated air conditioned control room, roof mounted radiator and exhaust silencer. This will minimise onsite construction time and integration for LGI in addition to delivering class leading performance and reliability of a GE gas engine product. The station will provide export power for the local communities while reducing the site’s green house gas emissions.

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