Best practice in applied LCA and carbon footprinting

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Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Carbon Footprinting (CF) have moved into the limelight as strategic tools for sustainability leaders such as Apple, Alcan Packaging, Carbon Trust, Volkswagen, and others. Experts from these highly successful companies share their views and expertise on their success with you:

Success Factors – the real facts behind their success stories. How LCA and CF can be utilized to gain competitive advantages! Steps to Success – identify the value drivers – get top level support and embed LCA and CF in the management system! Maintaining Success – lessons learnt and best practices in day to day operations such as IT-integration, integration in product development and environmental communication to clients and other stakeholders. Exclusive Networking Opportunities – face-to-face round table and plenary discussions, with a direct exchanging of ideas at roundtable and plenary discussions.

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