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Best Practice Water Management in Wineries

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In the past, wineries have had the reputation of using large amounts of water, with an estimated ratio of 20 litres of water being needed to make one litre of wine. But that was the past. Today, leading wineries are able to produce a litre of wine using only two litres of water.  Leading practitioners in the wine industry have shown over the last decade that there are many opportunities to use water in wineries more efficiently and sustainably. The following is a step-by-step guide to maximise efficient use and recycling of water in wineries.

The level of innovation and comprehensiveness of water management in a winery will, of course, depend on the degree of support of the CEO and high level management. Successful implementation of water efficiency and conservation depends on the level of commitment of the owner and management team. Berri Estates Wineries, for instance, have communicated such a commitment clearly in their publically available environmental policy.

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