Best Practices For Selecting an EMIS

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Over the past several years the classic environmental management information system (EMIS) has expanded in functional capability beyond environmental management to include health and safety, and corporate sustainability. A comprehensive, effective EMIS is now viewed by most companies as a critical requirement for ensuring regulatory compliance, protecting public image and efficiently using both personnel and material resources.

While many organizations invest significant time and money in these systems, some are a lot more successful than others. Success means full global user acceptance and achievement of corporate objectives on time and on budget. Failure ranges from user dissatisfaction and more investment to make the system work, to full replacement. So how do you maximize your chances of getting it right the first time?

Perhaps the most important factor in the long-term success of a new enterprise EMIS is the selection of the software package. This seems obvious, but with a growing number of options, it takes more internal analysis to identify the best solution for your organization.


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