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Best practices in proteins sample preparation with Precellys® evolution


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Proteins are the building blocks of life. They are vital to our existence and are found in every organism on Earth. As antibodies, enzymes or even hormones, proteins are implicated in chemical reactions, immunological processes and cell activities. Proteins also play a role in movement, structural support, storage, communication between cells, digestion and substances transportation. There is a huge variety of forms, sizes, shapes in proteins made from a long chain of these amino acids. Each type of protein has a stable and particular three-dimensional structure, which is determined by the order of the amino acids in its chain. This specific conformation is crucial and anyc hange in shape can modify the function of the protein. That is why especially for thermo-sensitive molecules such as proteins, sample preparation is a critical step before proceeding to molecular down-stream analysis. The Cryolys® Evolution cooling unit combined with the Precellys® Evolution can be used to maintain a constant low temperature of 4°C within the Precellys® sample processing chamber.

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