Best Steam Cleaner for Complete Bacteria Elimination

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The best steam cleaner for commercial applications have three functions:

  • Removing dirt and stains
  • Removing allergens
  • Eliminating germs and pests

Dirt Removal
Mud spots, sugars, food residue, and stains can be removed more completely by using the best steam cleaner systems, with high temperature and pressure levels. Ideally, the best steam cleaner should have temperatures exceeding 300°F. Commercial steam cleaners from reputable suppliers attain temperatures as high as 386°F. The higher the temperature, the faster the cleaning. When you use machines with lower temperatures, you have to keep applying steam to the surface repeatedly as it cools down faster and the dirt solidifies again.

Most steam cleaners do not reach very high pressure levels, and they cannot maintain steady pressure throughout the cleaning process. One of the biggest drawbacks of regular steam cleaners has been their inability to operate for long hours. This is because of this it is difficult to maintain a steady boiler pressure.

The best steam cleaner takes care of this problem by enabling continuous refill. The boiler is filled via a non-pressurized refill chamber (a pressurized boiler cannot be opened) when the machine is in use. When needed, the tank is poured into the main tank where it can be mixed with the super-heated water already there. This helps maintain steady water levels and the boiler generates steam constantly. In turn, this helps steady the pressure level inside the boiler. This is why the best steam cleaner is one that is not limited by usual boiler design.

A heating element, like the boiler, should also be made from stainless steel rather than aluminum. Stainless steel is more durable and able to last longer under high temperature and pressure levels. Best steam cleaner machines usually have heating elements that are attached to the boiler, making replacement of either part difficult and costly. Some steam cleaning machines, on the other hand, have detachable heating elements, so the owner can replace just one part rather than throw out the entire boiler-element assembly.

Good quality is an essential part of commercial steam cleaning machines, particularly those that are used for cleaning large areas and a variety of surfaces.

Allergen Elimination
Allergens such as pollen, fungi, spores, dust mites, dander, hair, and pollutants carry health risks including respiratory illness. Vapor steam cleaners, when equipped with the right features, can help eliminate these risks. Choose vapor steam cleaners with both anti-bacterial technologies and HEPA filtration systems. HEPA filters trap particles as small as 0.3 microns, while anti-bacterial technologies can eliminate more than 99 percent of germs and bacteria on the surface.

Eliminating Germs
Bedbugs, lice, termites, bacteria, molds found on wood, bedding, floors, carpets, tiles, sinks, walls, and shelves can lead to serious illnesses. To remove germs, you need floor steam cleaners fitted with anti bacterial technology which kills bacteria. These machines have been proven by lab testing to remove as much as 99.9% bacteria from the surface.

Good quality floor steam cleaners are important for ensuring health and safety of people and pets. Therefore, these machines should be carefully chosen. There are many dealers who offer high end machines at affordable prices, so you need not settle for poor quality machines just because of the price tag.


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