Best Swallow Prevention Strategies Available


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Before you know it the swallows will return to make their mark on your customer’s homes and businesses. These beautiful little birds can make an ugly mess on any overhang-type structure such as eaves, porch roofs, and underneath decks. Bird Barrier offers three different ways to repel the birds. All are safe and don’t impact the birds themselves.

Mud swallows generally nest in the 90 degree angle where an exterior wall meets an overhang. They build nests from mud, and while they are an impressive feat, the mud and droppings from the birds create quite a mess on the building and the ground. The rule-of-thumb is that their corner must be eliminated, and the deterrent must keep them out of the protected area they desire.

1. Installing StealthNet at an angle keeps the birds away from their desired nesting site.

The net should be at a 45 degree angle, and should extend to at least a foot below the corner, even further if the overhang protrudes further out. The StealthNet must be framed with the cable system as described in Bird Barrier’s installation instructions.

Pros – Excludes birds from large areas and can be easily customized to most configurations.

Cons – Can be labor intensive, visible in many situations.

2. Bird Barrier’s BirdSlide utilizes its geometery to make areas unfavorable to swallows’ mud nests.

When installed underneath eaves with the available mounting clips and glue, BirdSlide creates two 45 degree angles, which eliminates the 90 degree corner, thus preventing a swallow from establishing a foundation for its nest.  BirdSlide is also advantageous in that it can be painted to match the surrounding structure, making it look like the original construction.

Pros – Attractive, paintable, fairly easy to install.

Cons – Corners can be tricky.

3. Bird-Shock Flex-Track is a novel solution for swallows that provides the visual appeal of Bird-Shock and the flexibility to follow complex or irregularly-shaped architectural features.

One row of Bird-Shock Flex-Track mounted along the upper edge of the wall is enough to discourage nesting with its harmless, but memorable zap. Once a few scout birds receive the shock they warn the rest of the flock that they need to find a new site.

Pros – Least visible solution, fast installation.

Cons – Must be taped up while glue dries.

As a reminder, swallows are a federally-protected species, and completed nests may not be disturbed at any time between February 15 and September 1 (without a special permit), so you must take preventative measures quickly before our little feathered friends make a mess of your roost!

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