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Better living through crudesorb - maintaining compliance during equipment repairs


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A Temporary Installation Aids in Produced Water Polishing While the Existing System Was Being Repaired An oil company selected CETCO Oilfield Services to treat their produced water when their existing system was in need of repairs. CETCO Oilfield Services arrived on the platform with their highly qualified personnel and specialized equipment and began processing the produced water. Repairs to the structure’s equipment took much longer than the oil company had anticipated and CETCO Oilfield Services equipment remained on location for approximately one month, treating the produced water volumes when the oil company’s existing system could not meet the required discharge criteria. CETCO Oilfield Services pumped fluids from a 30 barrel holding tank, which received fluids from the platform’s existing Induced Gas Flotation unit. CETCO’s process began in the 120 BBL Sparging Separation Tank. Fluids were then pumped to CETCO’s RFV 4000, containing CETCO Oilfield Services’ patented CrudeSorb® canisters. The process is shown above.

Fluids were tested for oil and grease throughout the process. When oil and grease levels from the platform’s existing system approached 25 ppm, the fluids were diverted to CETCO Oilfield Services’ system. CETCO continuously polished the water until the existing system produced water qualities within acceptable discharge limits. CETCO’s personnel and equipment were on the platform until the platform’s treatment system returned to normal operating conditions, and the operators were satisfied with its performance. CETCO Oilfield Services allowed the platform to maintain operations and compliance for the entire period!

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