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Bettersizer 2600

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Laser Particle Size Analyzer (Dry & Wet Dispersions)


The integrated and robust laser particle size analyzer, Bettersizer 2600, can deliver reliable particle size measurement results from submicron to millimeter. Driven by the innovative optical system and Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), the 2600 strikes a harmonious balance between high-functionality, easy operation, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness.

Measurement: Particle size

Particle size range:

Wet dispersion: 0.02 to 2600μm

Dry dispersion: 0.1 to 2600μm

Dispersion type: Wet and Dry

Technology: Laser diffraction

Powder Flowability Tester Features and Benefits

•Optical system: Fourier and Inverse Fourier optical system, inclined sample cell

•Repeatability: ≤0.5% (Wet); ≤1% (Dry) (GBRM D50)

•Accuracy: ≤0.5% (Wet); ≤1% (Dry) (GBRM D50)

•Detector: 92 pieces (forward, lateral, backward)

•Detection range: 0.016-165 degree

•Standard Operation Procedure (SOP)

•Automatic Alignment

•Accuracy Calibration

•Automatic Circulation & Dispersion

Bettersizer 2600 offers a complete sample circulation & dispersion system for both wet and dry methods, which make sure each particle would be captured when going through the laser.