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Bettersizer ST

Courtesy of Dandong Bettersize Instruments Ltd.

Laser Particle Size Analyzer, Laser Granulometry

Bettersizer ST laser scattering particle size analyzer includes the patented Dual Lens Optical System (DLOS) which provides a compact design without resorting to folding optics that are susceptible to misalignment caused by vibrations often present in most industrial labs.

The ST Laser Granulometry incorporates 86 high-speed detectors, which produces the high-resolution data from 0.1 to 1000 microns. This high-speed detector system delivers fast results, often in as little as 15 seconds.

Measurement: Particle size

Particle size range: 0.1 to 1000µm

Dispersion type: Wet

Technology: Laser diffraction

Features and Benefits

•Dual Lens Optical System (DLOS):

The Dual Lens Optical System (DLOS) is a technical innovation developed by Bettersize. It detects both the forward and backscatter laser diffraction pattern. This breakthrough technology results in increased particle size measurement range without the added cost of a second light source. This single laser design provides for higher accuracy due to a consistent wavelength throughout the full measurement range.

•Standard Operation Procedure (SOP):

The Bettersize software offers an intuitive user interface.  The “Auto Test” function fully automates the entire test sequence.  With one mouse click, “Auto Test” initiates auto-alignment, collects a background, prompts the operator to add sample and analyzes the sample.  

•Compact design:

The rugged and compact design, coupled with the low cost of ownership of the Bettersizer ST makes it the ideal laser particle size analyzer for your quality control applications.

•Auto Alignment Function:

The auto alignment function of Bettersize ST provides accurate and repeatable testing results.  The high speed servo motors allow the Bettersize ST to perform an auto alignment prior to every test.