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Beware of buying a home with MOLD!

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I have been performing home inspection for 18 years and I found that sellers will paint over existing water stains on walls to hide them from buyers. I do nondestructive moisture readings on all exterior walls in house, my meter will ring when there above normal moisture trapped in wall, when the meter rings I then proceed to investigate the exterior of house to find the cause of the moisture entering the house and sure enough I will a small gap in siding or above window and doors missing chalking, could be an insect problem behind siding which caused damage to exterior sheathing which created an opening for moisture to enter walls.

If I see a water stain on ceilings I will use the meter to see if there is high moisture present which I have found many times in my years of inspections. The most recent one was a water stain on ceiling in a dining room of a cape, no bathroom above stain or any water source, I went on roof and discovered a slight defect in dormer flashing install which caused water to enter home by riding the ceiling rafter and start to drip down. I advised buyer that repairs are needed on both dormer flashings and roof shingles next to dormer flashing. The flashing must go under shingles and up 8' on dormer sheathing and siding installed over metal flashing and roof shingles to go over metal flashing this will eliminate any leaks from dormers on roof it will be a tight seal. I then suggested to buyers that we want to make an opening in dining room ceiling to see if there was a Mold growth above ceiling.

The seller agreed to open ceiling, we proceeded to make a 12' by 12' opening a water stain and discovered there was the start of mold growth on back side of sheetrock. The seller agreed to have both dormers repaired properly and have sheetrock ceiling repaired and paint ceiling, I suggested after the dormer flashings were Installed we would perform a water test using a hose on roof and water down the dormers on each side and then go into house at opening we made to see if any water was entering the home. The flashing on dormers was installed properly and no sign of any leaks in house. My buyers did buy the Home. If we never saw the tiny water stain on ceiling and tested it for high moisture the buyers would have had to spend 2,950.00 for repairs needed to flashings and ceiling repairs.

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