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Bi-On CARB OX, the Average Chosen for 4 Water Treatment Plants in Portugal


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Our Portuguese Partner TecnoConverting recently participated in the bidding of one of the companies of the group Aguas de Portugal , with the aim of carrying out a study to replace the existing activated carbon in four of its pumping stations. It was about finding a filtering media with better features and greater autonomy than they were using, in order to lengthen the spare times.
TecnoConverting proposed the Bi-On CARB OX medium , due to its high H2S adsorption capacity, its high load capacity and the simple disposal and treatment conditions after its use, since it is a harmless product that can be discarded in landfills.
TecnoConverting studied the operating conditions of the towers of each plant, the flow and the granulate and made the autonomy calculations with different amounts of granulate, at 100%, 80% and 30% of the original load. Finally, it chose to place 80% of the initial load, which will allow the client to increase their autonomy of operation. 
Finally, after analyzing all the technical information of other offers of impregnated products of the competition, the client decided to adopt the solution proposed by TecnoConverting with the Bi-On CARB OX average , for its high performance and improvement of operational costs.
The extensive experience of Bioconservation and TecnoConverting in the filtration of air in Sewage Treatment Plants -EDARs- allows us to offer customized solutions for odor control, corrosion control and elimination of pollutants in the biogas that is generated.

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