Big Automakers Invest in Hybrid Bus Market

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Big Automakers Invest in Hybrid Bus Market

The use of Hybrid Technology, in a hybrid bus or hybrid car, enables the more efficient use of the particular fuel that the vehicle uses. Diesel, petrol, or liquid gas powered (LPG), engines, combined with hybrid technology, can deliver better mileage, lower emissions and reduced maintenance costs. Therefore it is understandable why city bus fleet owners in particular are supporting the adoption of hybrid buses.

Combine this fleet owner “mind set” with the manufacturers dedication to delivering better hybrid buses, using the latest hybrid technology, and you can see why hybrid buses are fast becoming commonplace on city streets.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) technology has progressed significantly over the last few years, yet its origins, in hybrid bus terms, goes back many more years. Indeed as far back as 1993 a Hino Hybrid Bus was operating at Nikko National Park in Japan.

Perhaps the most significant advances since then has been the integration of the hybrid components into a comprehensive hybrid system. This integration has produced two systems – the “series hybrid system” and the “parallel hybrid system”. Both of these systems have been in the forefront of major announcements from hybrid vehicle manufacturers in 2006.

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