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Biggest Water Treatment Concerns for Communities/Municipalities and the Ways of Addressing These Issues

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Water treatment is currently one of the terms that fall within the category of emergency quite well. About 1.4 billion people all over the globe are dealing with varying levels of water scarcity, and this is increasing at alarming levels. Not just the treatment, higher emphasis is being given on finding the alternative water sources as well. Though it’s a universal concern (rural as well as urban), municipal water treatment definitely is a matter that needs to be addressed using a sustainable approach.

  • Waste water treatment:

The challenge is harsh for the municipalities as the sources of clean water are declining considerably in across the world. In fact, the level of available lean water sources is progressing towards alarmingly low levels. Hence, optimum creativity is highly desired to deal with the municipal wastewater treatment. This involves the utilization of water reuse techniques to effectively reuse municipal waste water for non potable purposes.

  • Drinking Water Treatment:

The challenges of renewal or treatment processes have become more challenging through the growing environmental issues. Moreover, increasing population has accelerated this issue. To confront these issues, many municipalities around the globe are seriously looking for advanced environmental friendly water treatment solutions such as advanced oxidation, UV disinfection, electrocoagulation and reverse osmosis to treat water sources to drinking water standards.

  • Raise the concern:

The first thing that the municipalities should do, is definitely create awareness regarding the intensity of this issue. Over one billion people are already dealing with drinking water scarcity, more than 3 million people dying every year due to water originated infectious agents, make this issue even more critical.

There needs to be both educational awareness and sustainable solutions designed and deployed to alleviate water scarcity and the tremendous global healthcare burden and loss of life caused by water borne disease. This issue is especially apparent in developing countries throughout the world.

  • Storm Water Treatment:

Municipalities and communities across the US and around the world are highly required to be involved with finding alternative water sources. An option, such as storm water treatment could definitely offer an alternative water source to be evaluated.  Government agencies should extend hands towards the interested private sector partners on this matter to explore sustainable option to take advantage of alternative water sources, such as storm water.

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