Bio-Microbics Receives Technology Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan

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Courtesy of Bio-Microbics, Inc.

SHAWNEE, KANSAS – A proven innovator, Bio-Microbics accepted the 2010 North American Water and Wastewater Treatment Technology Innovation Award from the global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan at the April 2010: Excellence in Industrial Technologies Awards Banquet.  As identified in the 2009 Industry Report by Frost & Sullivan, the wastewater treatment market is highly mature and industry participants struggle with product differentiation.

It is a battle to educate end users on the slightest of differences, which often results in a vain effort to distinguish one competitor from another, or one technology from another. Bio-Microbics, Inc. has overcome this challenge by developing innovative products, and value added services, in order to increase its market share in this mature market

“Our approach is to research, develop, and adapt the latest technology to the markets we service,” said Jim Bell, Executive Vice-President of Bio-Microbics at the Frost & Sullivan awards banquet held on April 29th in San Antonio, TX.  “This award adds strength to our conviction that by bringing superior products to emerging markets, we set the standard of excellence for our industry.” 

For the Technology Innovation Award, the following criteria were used to benchmark Bio-Microbics, Inc.’s performance against that of key competitors:

   • Uniqueness of Technology
   • Impact on New Products/Applications
   • Impact on Functionality
   • Impact on Customer Value
   • Relevance of Innovation to Industry

“Bio-Microbics, Inc. excelled in all the above mentioned criteria. In a mature market, competitors should strive to further enhance their overall position by focusing on refining and advancing their own products so as to offer customers better and more efficient technology,” said Shilpa Tiku, Consultin Analyst, Environmental and Building Technologies for Frost & Sullivan.  “Other companies in the market have products with a conventional, less cost-effective, and a less-efficient approach.”

With a worldwide emphasis on environmental concerns and improving water quality, Bio-Microbics manufactures clean technologies for decentralized homes, communities and commercial properties.  Their advanced wastewater and stormwater treatment products help treat the world’s water for municipal, industrial, marine, commercial and residential applications around the globe. 

The world’s population is growing and the increased demand on precious water resources has forced lifestyle changes and an emphasis on water conservation. Although water conservation helps lower the amount of water resources used, conservation also makes concentrations of pollutants significantly stronger in wastewater.

“Our approach recognizes that informing, persuading, and reminding is not enough,” Bell continues. “We, as an industry, need to focus our efforts to demonstrate, involve, and empower the generations of tomorrow to learn about these technologies.  Our marketing mission has been to provide our dealers and distributors with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in the light commercial and onsite residential wastewater treatment markets. By providing a system of learning, Bio-Microbics becomes more than a manufacturer of proven products. It becomes a knowledge base that helps expand what is possible to protect the water sources and our environment for future generations.”

Bio-Microbics is honored to be recognized for the Frost & Sullivan 2010 North American Technology Innovation Award for the Water and Wastewater Treatment Market.

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