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Bio-reactor operating under a wide range of conditions - Case Study


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Problem: The City had been faced with serious development constraints because the Bellville and Kraaifontein WWTWs were running out of spare capacity.

Solution: BBR installed an advanced biological reactor works with automated inlet screening and degritters, surface aerated biological reactors, secondary settling tanks, sludge dewatering system and final effluent disinfection system. The system was mounted in an insulated stainless steel container in an odour control building ensuring a stable, clean and secure filtration environment.

Conclusion: The effluent from this system is the same as from a full dual bio filter system but with three beneficial exceptions:

  • Price
  • Size and speed of commissioning
  • Capacity to cope with high surges of H2S concentrations without failure

To quote from a professional opinion paper prepared by Dr Martin Hall and Dr Robert Lepley of Life Sciences Team, Eden Financial Ltd, London EC2M 6XB

“The BBR bio filter appears to offer the customer a robust bioreactor system encapsulated within a pressurised containment vessel which can operate under a wide range of conditions - fluctuating and high flow rates.

By fluidizing the filter bed, BBR has been able to address one of the key drawbacks experienced with conventional bio filters, namely elimination capacity as well as fast and fluctuating airflows. The fluidized bed has at least 100 times more surface area per unit volume than conventional filters thereby increasing elimination capacity of pollutants.”

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