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At Bioconservacion we know we can offer the best technical service to all users of our technology, thanks to our team of highly qualified professionals and fully equipped laboratory.

We are proud of the services we offer:

  • R&D for gas absorption products.
  • Quality control for manufacturing.
  • Reproduction and study of applications
  • Field tests
  • Analysis of corrosive atmospheres
  • Analysis of remaining life of used filtration media

 In addition to standard laboratory equipment, we have specialist equipment for our services:

  • Solids mixer, extruders and a drying oven that allow product formulations to be continuously tested for gas filtration.
  • Laboratory scale equipment for active carbon impregnation reproducing to scale the technology used in production plants for the manufacture of impregnated carbons. 
  • Equipment designed in-house for testing ethylene absorption capacity including gas chromatography. The 'ethylene gas absorption assay protocol' was entirely developed and patented by Bioconservacion.
  • Facilities that allow us to carry out tests in accordance with international standards. Among others:
  1.  ASTM D 57: quality of activated carbon
  2. ASTM D 6646 :  Absorption capacity of H2S and acid gases
  3. ASTM D 3466: Ignition temperature.
  4. ASTM D 4058: Evaluating resistance to abrasion (dust levels generated under mechanical stress).
  • Cold chambers for:
  1. Tests involving fruit and fresh products.
  2. Resistance and ageing tests on products under real environmental conditions.
  •  Equipment for assembling and packaging copper and silver corrosion coupons.
  • Potentiostat for chronopotentiometers. Specialised equipment for testing metal coupons exposed to corrosive atmospheres.
  1. ASTM B 825-02: Electrochemical testing method for coupons exposed to corrosive atmospheres.
  2. ISAS71.04-2013: Standard on the classification of corrosive atmospheres according to levels of corrosiveness.
  • Gas chromatograph coupled to mass spectrometer. This allows the quality screening of absorbed compounds in certain filtration media.
  • Portable equipment for analysing gases, pressure drops and gas velocity used to carry out field tests.

All these infrastructures enable us to:

  • Develop gas absorption products exclusively using our own technology.
  • Carry out preliminary tests on raw materials and suppliers by manufacturing laboratory batches.
  • Perform tests to help improve manufacturing processes and the evaluation of new manufacturing equipment.
  • Provide an evaluation service for corrosive atmospheres using corrosion coupons.
  • Determine the remaining useful life of absorbent products so recommendations can be given on the optimum moment to change media in terms of cost/filtration safety.
  • Provide a maintenance and recalibration service for ethylene measuring equipment.
  • Reproduce real applications for both post-harvest and industrial applications. The experimental data obtained from laboratory tests help to determine the best integrated solution, in terms of both filtration media and equipment.

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