BioCycle Portals To Organics Recycling In U.S. & Canada

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Updated BioCycle and the brand new BioCycle and are launched and open for listings.

In April 2007, BioCycle launched®, a publicly searchable database of composting facilities in the United States and Canada. The intent was to make it easy to find composting facilities to divert organic waste streams as well as buy compost. This online directory is a free service to all users.

In the almost 10 years since BioCycle was created, the organics recycling infrastructure has blossomed into a wider variety of facilities and services. This includes several distinct categories of composting operations, more types of anaerobic digesters, and growing options for organics collection. To accommodate this diversity in infrastructure, BioCycle decided to expand its organics recycling portals.

In May 2016, BioCycle introduced an updated version of BioCycle and the brand new BioCycle and BioCycle These BioCycle portals list composting and anaerobic digestion (AD) sites, and organics collection services in the U.S. and Canada. There are five separate “listing entry” forms: three categories of composters, and one form each for digesters and organics collection services.

The three separate categories of composting facilities are:

  • Full-scale: Municipal or commercial facility equipped to receive and process organic waste streams arriving by truckload volumes from generators and haulers on year-round basis.
  • Captive: Compost only organics from own site.
  • Community: Composting at scale that is typically smaller than full-scale, servicing a neighborhood and/or surrounding community. Accepts feedstocks from off-site.

Composting and AD facilities that also offer organics collection will be able to provide details on the collection service while completing the listing entry form for their facilities. For AD facilities, different questions appear depending on the feedstocks being processed, e.g., livestock manure.

All submitted listings are reviewed by BioCycle editors before the site or service is approved and added to the database. Once the listing is approved, it can be found via a search by facility/company name, location, or type of operation (e.g., full-scale composter, anaerobic digester). The following details are viewable in the BioCycle Portal: Facility name, phone, website, location; Year started; Description; Feedstocks accepted; Composting or AD method; Compost or Digestate for Sale; Compost certification (if applicable); Organic certification (if applicable); Offer organics collection.

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