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Bioeconomy potential - focus on Northern Finland

The paper contributes towards improving the understanding over the potential of bioeconomy by focusing on a regional context. The study is realised by applying a combination of PESTEL analysis, resource analysis and analysing true and potential cases with high bioeconomy relevance and potential for substantial commercial volume. Hence, this article combines approaches of strategy development and analyses cases in bioeconomy context with a specific regional perspective. The results provide an overview on the potential of bioeconomy, particularly that of Northern Finland, but also the entire country. The article brings forward sustainability considerations aside from demonstrating the complexity inherent to the topic. Opportunities and potential are demonstrated by presenting case examples. The findings can benefit both the academia and those involved in planning and implementing relevant actions towards bioeconomy - both in general and in the selected setting.

Keywords: bioeconomy, sustainable economy, regional development, trends, development, strategy, industry, ecosystems, value networks, sustainability, investment, society, technology, biomass, renewable resources, natural resources, Finland, sustainable development

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