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Bioethical issues: The new desaparecidos – a comment

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The author makes a comment about the recently approved Italian law known as 'security package' (DDL 733-B), that introduces the crime of clandestinity. An illegal alien, who would by chance give birth to a baby in this country, could not recognise her child legally nor register the baby's birth and have it recognised in her family status. The Italian State is going to ignore these children. They are going to be invisible, with a serious risk for their human dignity and healthcare. This law, in absolute contradiction with the Constitution of the Italian Republic, contains a dangerous crack that could foster a return to the slavery, to the division between humans and non-humans; among the non-humans are first of all children, women and those who are not in line with the rules of the moment.

Keywords: newborn', s rights, clandestinity, children', s health, illegal children, DDL 733-B, desaparecidos children, newborn babies, Italy, human dignity, healthcare, bioethics, ethics

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