Biofiltration of Particleboard Press Vent Emissions

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Bio•Reaction Industries, LLC contacted SierraPine Ltd in January of 2001 to discuss the potential for installing a pilot biofilter system controlling hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from the particleboard press at the Springfield, Oregon mill. This wood products company was familiar with biofilter controls for VOC and HAP emissions as a conventional, flatbed biofilter system had been in operation at the Adel, Georgia mill for several years. After considerable
discussion culminating in a mutually beneficial agreement, engineering was begun on four (4), 17,000m3/h (10,000cfm) units, each with a different design. The schedule that was developed called for installation in August or September 2001. After multiple design considerations, final design was set and fabrication of the stainless steel units was started in May. All units were completed by mid-August.

Installation began in late August, with scheduled work, minor additions to the units and changes to the collection ductwork completed at the mill. These included: enclosure of the #2 press vent exhaust, ductwork to the biofilter locations, water and electrical connections, and reinforced concrete pads for each unit along the west wall of the building (outside), adjacent to the press. On-site construction began with the biofilter bases being set in place in late August with assembly of the units and all connections complete by September 12, 2001. Inspections and ‘shake-down’ evaluations occurred for the next several days, with start-up of the 4-unit biofilter system on September 17 2001.

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