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Biofouling Control in Small Cooling Towers


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Why is biofouling control overlooked in small cooling towers?
Biofouling Control in Small Cooling Towers

Biofouling control in small to medium cooling towers is overlooked. AMSA, Inc. has developed a simple technology that is easier to dose than more common liquid chemical equivalents.  DTEA II™ Slow Release tablets give personnel at schools, hospitals, and office buildings a safer treatment option that can last up to 30 days.  Most importantly, when used in conjunction with a solid form of DBNPA, such as, AQUCAR SUMP BUDDY DB 40 TL Water Treatment Microbiocide you have an effective Biofilm Control Program™.

DTEA II Slow Release Formulations – Product Benefits

  • Designed for smaller systems – small to medium-sized (
  • Multi functional performance – features organic deposit control, mild steel & copper corrosion inhibition, scale inhibition.
  • Easy to use – doesn’t require special training and provides up to one-month of treatment. Simply hang in sump basin or water spray.  Can also be placed in floating feeders.
  • Safety – provides for minimal exposure to hazards compared to liquid chemicals and can be shipped via small package carriers such as FedEx or UPS.
  • Reliability – the solid tablets provide reliable protection so you can feel secure that your system is being protected while you are away.

Dosage recommendations:

The general initial guideline is 1 tablet per 25 RT (refrigeration tons, or about 300 gal system volume depending on design) for relatively clean systems.  Higher dosages my be required for systems that are prone to more biofouling.

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