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Biological drain line maintenance case study


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  1. The Problem
    In one of their stores a major Supermarket group was experiencing frequent drain blockages due to accumulations of fat, oil and grease (FOG). Cleveland Biotech Ltd were asked to carry out trials using the Amnite L100 ‘GreaseBeta’ Fat Digester System to see if the problem could be overcome. The Supermarket was already hand-dosing powdered bacterial products in the Delicatessen, Butchery, Bakery and the Staff Restaurant. It was decided to replace these powder products with the Amnite L100 GreaseBeta System at all four sites. In addition it was agreed to use the Amnite L100 biological dosing fluid in two liquid dosing systems supplied by another company.
  2. The Solution
    In early October three fully enclosed lockable floor units were installed in the Colleagues’ Restaurant, the Butchers and the Bakery. In the Delicatessen, because of limited space, a lockable wall mounted unit was installed with a free standing drum of Amnite L100 dosing fluid located below. The dosing liquid needs quarterly renewal.
  3. Drain Condition after Dosing with Amnite L100
    In the second half of December, after two months of treatment with Amnite L100, CBL undertook a review of the drain lines at the store. All drain lines were clean and running freely. A particular improvement was found in the wet well serving the delicatessen. This well previously had been filling to overflowing and smelling badly. The staff now reports that there are no odours. The well does not fill to overflowing. The sides are clean. Only at high level, above the current maximum fill level, are there FOG deposits.

At the time of review the high level alarm in the well was constantly sounding. This was because the sulphonic acid produced by the rotting fat that had accumulated around the alarm probe had eaten through the wiring of the probe. This problem will not re-occur with effective biological dosing of the drains.

The drains of the staff kitchen are shown below. As can be seen these are now clean and free running. However hard FOG can be seen to the left of and above the entrance of the kitchen drain line. This is residual fat left from a previous FOG build up prior to treating with Amnite L100, and is out of the normal flow line.

The customer was delighted with the results obtained. An agreement was signed for the continued supply of Amnite L100 Fat Digester in the trial store and the installation of the GreaseBeta Grease Management System into other stores within the chain has been initiated.

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