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Biological drinking water treatment Hong Kong


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The water treatment works takes water from the river Dongjiang in the Guangdong Province north of Hong Kong. The raw water has an average turbidity level of around 11 NTU and contents, among other things, ammonia and manganese. Water temperatures range from 12 to 34oC.
During planning of the waterworks use of primary aerated biological filters (PABF) was selected for removal of ammonia and manganese. This solution strongly reduced the chlorine demand for the plant compared to the alternative execution with break point chlorination.
Pilot tests where different media were compared showed that the expanded clay filter media Filtralite was the best solution for the PABFs. The test column containing Filtralite HC (High density, Crushed) 2.5-5 mm had a stable ammonia removal of 80-90% and a manganese removal of 75%. Turbidity reduction through the biofilter was around 65%.
maxit delivered 3000 m3 Filtralite HC 2.5-5 mm to the total 12 PABFs at the treatment works. The plant was taken into operation in April 2003 and operating data shows that the PABFs work very well. Both ammonia and manganese is removed to levels below the specifications.


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